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  • asked in Environment 21st Jul '19:

    Some are accusing environmental NGOs of being bought out, and that no longer certain NGOs abide by their own initial objectives?. What is the impact when environmental NGOs are bought off?.
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  • asked in Environment 11th Jul '19:

    Twenty decommissioned nuclear submarines belonging to UK MoD are in storage; since the 80's !. With no fully enacted plans to safely dispose of onboard nuclear waste. Do you not agree that nuclear watch organization should be part of verifying military action plans when it comes to disposing of military nuclear waste?.
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  • asked in Environment 5th Jun '19:

    It is argued that while we want renewable energy to save the planet, renewables are destroying the environment, in an effort to provide the required amount of energy?. How do you feel towards the new realization?.
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  • Chetan Chauhan

    Chetan Chauhan replied 15th May '19:

    Are you satisfied with the performance of the political parties towards environment issues?. What grade would you give their performance ?.
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  • asked in Environment 24th Apr '19:

    Has environmental issues encroached on the sovereignty of nations?.
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  • asked in Environment 23rd Apr '19:

    Environmental Social Governance (ESG), as an environmentalist how satisfied are you with the progress corporations are making with their (ESG) programs?.
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  • asked in Environment 16th Apr '19:

    Has the time to call out the Rubber industry for its contribution to deforestation?.
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  • asked in Environment 9th Apr '19:

    Are bees being saved?. What is the current status of bee colonies diversity?.
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  • asked in Environment 7th Apr '19:

    Japan is seeking to go back to hunting whales commercially. Why not limit Japan ( and other nations ) to cultivating their whale needs, on the basis, these nations release into the wild, a certain number of whales?.
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  • asked in Environment 4th Apr '19:

    A British MoD spokesman said to The Guardian: “The disposal of nuclear submarines is a complex and challenging undertaking. We remain committed to the safe, secure and cost-effective defuelling and dismantling of all decommissioned nuclear submarines as soon as practically possible.” As an environmentalist why is this statement not acceptable to you, or is it fair enough?.
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