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  • asked in TV & Film 15th Oct '17:

    TV & Film industry all over the world is experiencing challenging times at many levels, being asked to think again. Which aspects of the industry would you like to see thought over?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 22nd Aug '17:

    Is it possible for technology to spoil the art of film making?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 6th Aug '17:

    Some may claim that slow TV has yet to reach its market potential. How do you feel towards slow TV productions?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 12th Jul '17:

    Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, has decided to retire from acting. How would you describe Daniel Day-Lewis's contribution to the profession of acting?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 6th Jun '17:

    Do you believe the purpose of cinema as represented in this short video, is being challenged?. Has film evoloved its purpose?.
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  • asked in TV & Film 9th May '17:

    How do you feel about the notion that, we are what we watch on TV?.
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  • Paulo Leite

    Paulo Leite replied 6th Apr '17:

    Do you support the notion that celebrity gossip is vital escapism for the masses?.
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  • Rashid Narain Shukul

    Rashid Narain Shukul replied 18th Jul '16:

    Journalism in India is going through a massive transformation. It's only now we are recognizing the potential of digital media. In such a scenario what is the best way, for print journalists with substantial experience to go about meeting the new challenges in the media?
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  • Ron Maestri

    Ron Maestri replied 16th Jul '16:

    Please share, what is your film philosophy?.
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  • Laila Khan

    Laila Khan asked in TV & Film 22nd Jul '15:

    The movie spotlights child labour in India. The message of the film is, every child has a right to basic education. So my question is, What criteria do you believe an Indie film production (screened at Festival de Cannes) should be subjected to, to secure a distribution agreement? Please watch the trailer of my short award winning film "6 Cup Chai" which was in the Official Selection for the Cannes Short Film Corner 2014.
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