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  • asked in Humanities 15th Jan '19:

    Which elements of the political conversation must we do better at, and raise the standard of our political conversation?.
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  • Ronald Geaves

    Ronald Geaves replied 11th Jan '19:

    Is celebrating New Years Eve, considered as a religious event?.
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  • asked in Humanities 31st Dec '18:

    From an academic perspective which empire experienced the most dramatic rise and fall, in your opinion, why please?.
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  • Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili asked in Humanities 26th Dec '18:

    Are we propagating the status quo by being realistic and reactive, Or should we unplug ourselves from the matrix and create our own reality by being proactive to circumstances and events in our lives?
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  • asked in Humanities 16th Dec '18:

    How relevant are the teachings of philosophy to AI advancement and applications?.
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  • asked in Humanities 4th Dec '18:

    Some forward thinking people ask, as machines & AI become the norm. Should we not extend the same level of respect to machine minds as we do towards people’s minds?.
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  • asked in Humanities 29th Nov '18:

    In a world run by AI, might the impact lead to the invention of new languages?. How may languages be impacted?.
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  • asked in Humanities 22nd Nov '18:

    Reviewing the progress humanities are experiencing, what do you believe is at stake?.
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  • asked in Humanities 21st Nov '18:

    French speaking nations recently met. Do these nations meet under a colonial cloud, or has that cloud moved on?. What is the relationship between France and the many other French speaking nations.
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  • asked in Humanities 14th Nov '18:

    Which animals poses the most active brains?. Is it the same activates that trigger the brain to be most busy?.
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