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  • Riad al Khouri

    Riad al Khouri replied 9th Mar '17:

    Undeniably there have been profound changes in the Middle East and North Africa since January 2011. But to what extent has the changed environment affected the hopes and aspirations of young men and women (aged 16-25) living in the region?
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  • Maysaloun Gammouh

    Maysaloun Gammouh replied 28th Jun '16:

    Do you agree with the following statement: "Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the Clients." A notion that is not generally practiced much in the corporate world. Can you share your management style, your staff performance and client satisfaction as a consequence.
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  • Louis Carlozo

    Louis Carlozo replied 24th May '16:

    In your opinion, what do you predict to be next for China, financially and as a global market?.
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  • Peter Tregear

    Peter Tregear replied 5th Aug '15:

    What should be the role of western cultural institutes in emerging countries and economies?
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  • Tan Meng Yoe

    Tan Meng Yoe replied 25th May '15:

    How can believers and non-believers find a common language?
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