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  • NVGA Hamantha Kumara

    NVGA Hamantha Kumara replied 28th Jul '15:

    As women gain more professional and leadership positions in corporations, local, national and international politics, academia, diplomacy and scientific research institutions, will they change these institutions or will the institutions change them?
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  • Ziaullah Rahmani

    Ziaullah Rahmani replied 5th Jan '15:

    Does religion view the body and sexual pleasure as a personal choice, sin or a tool for procreation. "my body is mine and I am free to use it as I see fit" is a statement of free choice or a challenge to religion and society?
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  • Eddie Bhawanie

    Eddie Bhawanie replied 19th May '13:

    Why is it that we need to believe that God exists?
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  • Gareth Cornwell

    Gareth Cornwell replied 25th Apr '13:

    If you had to pick one, which genre do you think has a greater influence on readers-- fiction or non-fiction? Is one genre more "true" than the other? Please include in your answer an example of writing (either kind) that had a great influence on you.
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