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  • Halim U Salfiti

    Halim U Salfiti asked in Executive Management 16th Oct '16:

    Mega Shopping Malls are a multi-billion dollar phenomenon, most countries in the world are experiencing growth in the developments of malls. Is this a positive world trend?.
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  • Marco Gorin

    Marco Gorin asked in Executive Management 10th Feb '16:

    The Mid East region is being viewed by a number of western companies as an attractive, lucrative, fast growing market. .This will require either the development of new or the adaptation of existing platforms. Are long-term partnerships with local IT development firms being explored? If not: Why? If yes: what are the key leanings?
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    SALVATORE BABONES replied 25th Apr '13:

    Foreign workers versus local labor? How free should the importation of foreign workers be? Is it to countries benefits to limit the importation of foreign workers or open their doors completely to them?
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  • Richard Wegman

    Richard Wegman replied 25th Mar '13:

    The latest trends suggest that India is losing ground as the leading destination for IT development outsourcing and BPO. Increasing attrition rates and rising cost being some of the drivers. The Middle East is well positioned geographically as well as in terms of trained human resources, demographics and ICT infrastructure. Are North American and European companies prepared to consider it as a viable option for outsourcing of IT services? Why?
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