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    Dina Dabbas Rifai

    Dina Dabbas Rifai

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    Dina Dabbas Rifai replied 26th Jun '16:

    I would love to say 'his talent'! But unfortunately, as history has shown, many things define an artist's legacy, from talent, hard work, and perseverance, to luck, tragedy, politics, being backed by the right people, and an innate nature for good PR and marketing.
    Creativity and an understanding of the market are much of what it takes to build a name in art today, and no one seems to care that much that the actual 'Art' is not even done by the artist himself, but by his apprentices. Let's wait and see if that is enough to create legacies?!?!
    All that is clear for now is that many talents, beautiful minds, and forgotten creatives, never made it to the land of legacies.


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