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    Robert Einarsson replied 13th Apr '14:

    Only hand written text can be embodied language

    Do we want to raise a generation that becomes de facto illiterate as soon someone unplugs them from the grid? That did not go so well in The Matrix.

    What teachers teach and what human beings do are, thankfully, often two different things. I believe that the neglect of handwriting in schools will result in a movement of self-education in the art. I think that we can look to self-education as a burgeoning field of endeavour in the decades ahead since the capacity to self-educate has now undergone revolutionary transformation. Thus, as long as Administrators persist in scorning the public over what to teach and what to quit teaching, then the social influence of formal schooling will recede evermore into unimportance, and soon it will become a very minor influence on the culture. 

    Maybe it will be the desire to read grandmother's beautiful script; or to create such script; or mabe it will be vexation at not being able to read The Declaration of Independence in its original script; or general vexation at needing to print everything out slowly like a child. Some kind of vexation will motivate many people to teach themselves to read and write handwriting, something which is almost as beautiful, and infinitely easier to learn than outright calligraphy. 

    Characters and fonts printed by a machine, or glowing greenly in the dark, will never replace those marks on a physical piece of paper inscribed by the weight and body of the lover's own hand. Those are precious characters.

    Making marks with your own strong arm, writing with your whole arm just like you really mean to declare it, this is where writing began, and no twiddling of the fingertips can call forth such bodily strength and power of expression. Keyboard English is a tamed and domesticaed creature, a harmless pet.

    My prediction is that handwriting will remain as a valuable part of being an educated person, and that many will teach themselves those things that others are too progressive to teach them.


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