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    Tyler Dale replied 8th Apr '14:

    What I think of crowdsourcing!

    My reply is from a personal perspective, my own personal experience of be a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and having to compete with crowdsourcing sites.

    Crowdsourcing is looked down upon in the graphic design industry by the more senior designers, basacally because there isnt really fair consideration between the parties, it is in effect spec work as it is work done for free in anticipation of winning a prize from a “contest". The odds for a designer to win the contest are normally 1 in a 100 depending on how many submisions there are and consider this, If your lucky enough to be the winner of the contest You'll most likely only gets paid what a student designer would be paid for a design.

    I personally think crowdsourcing doesnt really work for design nor does it make any sence. Clients that are cheap and dont understand the creative process of developing a logo will go to these crowdsourcing sites for a design becuase they misinterpret more options as more value. The whole crowdsourcing bussiness model is based on the "monkey with typewriters" principle: that if you have enough options out there you'll find somthing you like but thats not really how the process of developing a unique design for a bussines works. 


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