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    Vinita Michael replied 6th Apr '14:

    Relevance of Design Education to market demands

    Design education imparted at design schools is very relevant and helpful in addressing market demands.

    As for me, I would say that the design education I received at my design/ trade training schools ( NIFT and GIA ) were immensely helpful. Design schools are aimed at providing designers with a strong base which addresses commercial as well as the creative sides of the story. As a jewelry designer, I feel there are many lessons that I learnt on campus which I cudn have learnt without assistance - such as Technical drwaings, renderings, trends forecasts, presentation techniques etc. These remain as relevant today as they were when I was first introduced to them. Ofcourse one is expected to keeping honing one's skills with constant practice and developing owns own style overtime. 

    Being designers, I believe it is our unsaid responsibility to constantly expose ourselves to evolving tastes of the society and changing market demands. Participating in trade fairs, subscribing to trade and fashion magazines, blogs etc are some of the methods that can be adopted. 


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