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    Qasim Arif replied 11th Oct '15:

    Due to its origin on the streets and the social economic situation it came to existence in, and at a later stage was accepted by some into art galleries and discussion of art in general.

    Some have still not fully accepted its presence in the art industry for whatever reason.


The thing is it can be both art and vandalism and that's the strong, shocking part of this art. It's all about the creative space the artists works with. Graffitists usually work with spaces that are not intended for any drawing... But if they make great art, the contradiction between creating something beautiful and conformism shocks us... Take, for example, Banksy. He makes great art and a few care about 'vandalism'. He certainly deserved it. I really appreciate his work and even put "Banksy wall art": on the wall in my room. But yeah, it is a huge risk, not everybody can do something great risking their public image and making something amazing. This is a very raw, real kind of art.

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