• Marcus Walfridson
    Marcus Walfridson

    Marcus Walfridson

    • Norway
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    Marcus Walfridson replied 13th Apr '17:

    In most team sports, the team that score more points or goals than their opponent win. What you are asking is if there is a proven method, a proven HOW to score more points than the opponent.

    Since you have to score to win, it is not possible to say that you will definitely win with the best defense. You also have to score which is offense. However there are certainly a statistical reference that you can observe for American Football that will give you a inclination to what is most likely the best choice.

    For example, in soccer there is statistical evidence that you will collect more points over time on average if you allow 0 goals than if you score 1. This may point towards your case of defense being what wins titles.

  • Andrew Preston
    Andrew Preston

    Andrew Preston

    • Sweden
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    Andrew Preston replied 11th Mar '14:

    Defense wins Championships

    It has been proven that a strong defense is typically more valuable than a strong offense.

    In order to win championships in the sport of American Football your team needs to be strong in all three phases of the game; offense, defense, and special teams. If you had to pick one of those three phases to be best at, defense would be the most ideal. 

    Just look at the 2014 Super Bowl for an example that a strong defense will usually beat a strong offense. The Denver Broncos had the best offense of all time, at least statistically speaking--they put up the most yards and the most points in one season. Peyton Manning broke records in passing yards and touchdown passes in a season. The Broncos were able to make it to the Super Bowl because of that offense. Obviously if you watched the Super Bowl, you know that the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos. Not only did they beat them, they embarrassed the Broncos. The Seahawks had the number one defense in the NFL, and they dominated the number one offense of all time. It wasn't all about the Seahawks defense that won the game for them, they also played well on all three phases of the game; offense, defense, and special teams. But the defense set the tone for the game. They played much tougher and much more physical than the Broncos offense. The Super Bowl is a great example of why a strong defense is more valuable than a strong offense.


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