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    Rokkvi Vesteinsson replied 13th Mar '14:

    That would be too intrusive.

    A government should not force such activities upon people, but it is good if it enables and incentivizes them.

    The way I see it, it would be way too intrusive to do that. It would also be a hard law to uphold. Would you have police officers spying on and then fining or arresting people who don´t exercise? Maybe in a totalitarian country like North Korea, a law like this could be passed and enforced and wouldn´t be worse than many other intrusive laws they have there, but in democratic societies, a law like this would make no sense at all.

    What sounds like a better idea would be to incentivize exercise. Companies that pay for their employees' gym memberships, their purchases of bikes and so on, could get tax breaks for doing it for example. Same thing if the company has some facilities where employees can exercise. The tax breaks could even apply to people privately (you´d simply pay lower taxes if you offered some proof of doing exercise) although that would probably require more registration work.

    This would be good for general health if applied in the Western world, where lack of exercise is a major healt problem. It could even pay off in decreased costs in the healthcare system that would possibly pay back for the costs of giving the tax breaks in the first place.

    I apologize to anyone who was expecting this reply to be funny, because a comedian was answering it, but the government still hasn´t passed a law requiring all comedians to be funny all the time, so blame them, not me!


Liked the ending, made a point!.

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