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    Vladimir Somov replied 28th Nov '13:

    6 points for Marxism

    My reply is a short resume numbering 6 main reasons for Marxism to be still relevant despite the fact of the Soviet Union collapse

    1. Marx's doctrine is the quintessence of human aspiration to a rational and just world order.

    2. The collapse of the Soviet Union didn’t demonstrate the fallacy of the theory, but it demonstrated the errors in its realization.

    3. The Soviet Union with Marxism in practice had shown the way out of the economic crisis - the planning of the economy and limiting consumption.

    4. Society of Marxist type forms a special type of personality that is orientated on collectivist values ​​that become a priority in a crisis situation.

    5. Soviet victory in World War II is the proof of the effectiveness of the Marxist approach to the organization of society.

    6. Today's crisis of social and economic development makes it relevant to appeal to the positive practice of Marxism.


Maybe it is time to modernize some old theories!

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