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    Manosh Chowdhury replied 20th Nov '13:

    As a student of society and culture, I have developed quite a disbeliever kind of statue. I think I should light on that aspect first. I do not have faith in any such “world history” that can serve to diverse interests, identities and cultural entities. In this line, “history of the world” has been purely an academic category to me full of assumed premises, if not of gross manipulations, and provides an acute paradigmatic impulse to the human thought of the later years.

    Considering the given periodical history of the world, I further am skeptical about the phases that are referred to both as specific stages and particular set of values. But to engage with the very question, I would rather identify roughly 16th and 17th century specifically of European history. Fascination may not be the best word to describe what I really feel about this phase with the certain aspect accompanying it. Rather I feel this phase with a series of intermingled acts has affected the ‘world history’ so devastatingly that the hu[wo]mankind have got irreversible route.

    Two major aspects of this phase are: a) invention or import of the fire arms to the European emperors; b) invention of the sailing technology to a larger scale. No matter how disperses and different tradition of fireworks and firearms were there around the world, the concentration of the technology to the ever-empowering and self-obsessed emperors twisted the route of firearms drastically. It coincided with the ambition of sailing over the ocean, not only to ‘discover’ the world, but also to ‘collect’ new things. On a shorter note, I must say ‘voyage’ has a complex meaning in the Western history. While I am very aware of the probable threat of posed Occidentalism, I would playfully contend that ‘pilgrimage’ and ‘voyage’ could be two metaphors, very unfortunate though, to underline a major trajectory of the World History. While ‘pilgrimages’ opened up thoughts and bondages, ‘voyages’ ended up with brutal killing and extraction. This is not to blame a group of people. But to have an understanding of the History of World, this phase with it’s accompanying devices should be taken apart, as I do feel.


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