Mr Wegman does not cut around the bush, neither does he appear to be a betting man; cannot stand losing, maybe? Max's comment was more enlightening, and I can do nothing but agree with it.

The issue of an employer-imposed insistence of modification of accents of the workforce in these types of companies was brought up as a concern in recent times. One has to mould oneself to the image that the employer and international telephone customer, desire. It is almost like acting. It takes a certain skill and frame of mind to do this. The Middle Easterners don't strike me as having these qualities, generally. The Indians though, with Bollywood, the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa with their inherent zest to "act", much less for pay, are quite suitable.

There are pockets in the ME, that could be considered as reliable sources for out sourcing. But the area has to mature politically, socially and academically.

Yes, the Middle East could be a good destination for outsourcing IT services. All those western companies who have tried the services of IT companies in the M.E. have not regreted it. One more positive side is that all governments in the M.E. have a tendency not to block the emergence or the work of IT companies. These governments have not sat discourging laws to impede these companies' emergence and work. We also have many IT workers who graduated from fine western universities thus the western companies seeking IT services will not be dealing with "foreign IT companies".One more note, in Jordan, there are now big IT companies who sell their products (software) and services to all countries in the world.I think the next destination is the big, wide and variable Middle East.

good ideas, but the point here for the west, is the of variable ME. Companies need stability and maturity while governments are thinking, planning, and implementing.

If I may offer an example... we have been operating a successful IT Services business from Jordan for the past decade serving prominent US clients. The growth has been steady from a mere 4 to 450 resources and a 50sqm office to well over 3000 sqm. The past decade in the region has not been exactly stable and yet we have been able to deliver consistent quality. Could it be that not all countries in the ME should be bundled when looking for opportunities to work with reliable IT Services partners from the region?

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