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    Vassily Konovalov replied 21st Jan '13:

    Organization of trainings for hockey players

    Trainings of qualified hockey players differ from one period to the other in its in volume, intensity and specificity of exposure.

    Trainings during preparatory period which are meant to develop the general endurance are planned according to the information that couch's team receive from the test I have done on the track and in laboratory. In the first case hockey players ran 3000 meters on the track in the maximum individual temp  (heart rate was monitored by the Polar system). This procedure allowed me to count the running load intensity and individual values of heart rate for each hockey player. In the second case I defined the physical performance with the help of classic test- «PWC 170 » (Physical Work Capacity). This test helped me to develop bicycle exercises programs for the hockey players based on their individual characteristics and load.  

    Trainings that took place in the gym were aimed to improve the physical qualities. These trainings were based on the the data from different pedagogical tests that detected speed​​, power, speed-power capabilities and coordination abilities. Training programs were prepared according to the level of player's physical qualities development. During the primary training in the gym exercises (quality and the dosage) that are included in the complex, are corrected by the coach according to the functional status of the hockey players at that moment.

    Heart rate monitoring was used during the training on ice with the help of Polar system. This process provided the optimal load for each hockey player.

    Trainings during the breaks are aimed to restore the physical performance and maintain speed-power capabilities, coordination abilities. During this period in order to understand the functional status of the players  I conduct a survey among to determine their heart rate variability. This additional information helps to understand the adaptation process of the players towards the tough competition schedule. The regulations of the open Russian Championship (KHL) has changed in 2009 and since that time the competition schedule became more intense. It is common nowadays to have games every other day or even every day in some cases. The number of the games per month can reach 10-12, and the additional problem is the traveling across many time zones. 

    Training on the day of competition is very different from the others. There is a training on the ice in the morning and it is aimed to warm-up the hockey players and exercise technical and tactical techniques, tactical options in order to make the team be ready for the game. The main purpose of the general and individual warm-up procedure is to make the  musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system of the players ready for the game and to inspire the team for the upcoming game. We pay the particular attention to the young team members who are not that experienced in self-paced training. We explain guys that they have to think not about the final score of the game, but about the routine work they have to do. In this case it is possible to avoid unnecessary psychological stress, which leads to disruption of the intermuscular coordination and affects the efficiency of hockey players actions.

    After the match we prepare exercises for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system restoration. For this purpose we use a light load on the stationary bike and stretching exercises.


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