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    Dana Khalili replied 30th Aug '18:

    Negative thoughts are simply a story that we make up; they are not real. Therefore feeding those thoughts with emotion only perpetuates those thoughts and is not useful. Instead, its better to recognise each negative thought as fiction and consider its true source- conditions we absorbed subconsciously growing up from society, our friends or family. Knowing that negative thoughts are based in something we did not create, nor had control over allows us to be more kind to ourselves.

    Another thing to remember is that while bad, painful or even tragic circumstances happen to everyone in life, we always have the power to choose how we respond and experience that event. Someone close to you may no longer be in your life, but you can choose to dwell on the loss, or remember the good times you had and be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful tool to counteract negative thoughts.

    Finally, meditating regularly even for five minutes a day to clear your mind gives your brain a break from all the negative thoughts and this respite allows it to rejuvenate and recover. With a rejuvenated brain you will be better able to counter negative thoughts in the future as they arise.


I usually watched motivational movies, videos on youtube. Always think from both sides (i.e positive and negative). Always think a lot, take guidance from colleagues friends before made a big decision and once you finally make a decision then dont think twice about that. Start a day from positive vibes, beautiful thoughts. Even I do the same before working start.

Personally i have made my habit to be positive all the time, for this i have experimented lot of things like,
*Reading Holly books,
*Poetry and Novel,
*Listen to music,
*Give maximum time to my family,
* Whenever i feel alone, negative , i visit to near by church for mind relaxation,
* Spend quality of time with my wife indoor and outdoor alone.

I would suggest you join a therapy group and surround yourself with positive people and people who make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Getting a little exercise and doing something for yourself or any change in lifestyle every day should help you get out of this situation and thinking.

By doing Meditation regularly you can really build up a positive attitude. It's really effective.

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