• Dana Khalili
    Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili

    • Jordan
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    • Director- Media & Communications at Wamar International, LLC

    Dana Khalili replied 14th Jan '16:

    The potential is endless. It provides the opportunity to capture candid and otherwise fleeing moments together, while maintaining constant and subtle access at all times. Its limitations go beyond issues of quality and stylized filming. It comes down to a matter of safety and a question of boundaties. The presence of a camera crew is twofold: on one hand it means that there is structured planning and sends a message to the public that filming is taking place; on the other hand that can also cause unwanted interruptions to occur during filming.

    From the aspect of potential availability, the rise and spread of the smartphone means that this service can be available at all times - discreetly if need be, and received globally if intended to be.


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