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    Nikky Starrett replied 11th Jan '16:

    There is not trick! I work hard at my skill everyday. Bellow is a list of tools I use that may help.

    Draw by hand everyday. Muscle memory is important. Put pen to paper or stylus to surface. The key here is using your full arm and building creative synapses.

    Organize your time and energy. Plan your time wisely with schedules. I set blocks of time during the day for tasks. I get to choose which task I do in which blocks of time. The list I choose from is short so I know each task will be used by one block of time that day. This way I have flexibility and structure which works well for me and I get everything done I need too. It also ensures I take time to eat! Otherwise I loose track of time and before I know it it's night and I'm starving.

    Work life balance. I'm passionate about what I do so I find it hard to peel myself away from work. I force myself to not work and it really pays off! I spend time with my loved ones and get things done at home. My work benefits too as I'm refreshed when I return to it.

    Be positive and practice virtues! This comes back onto your brain chemistry but it also helps with your outlook and work. For example; if you're thinking positively, your work will look more friendly. This will sell better then if it comes across as angry which only appeals to some. Other examples are friendly relationships with clients and followers. People want to approach friendly people!

    Classical music is proven to help brain waves. It also doesn't split focus when working on a task by having you listen too and decipher voices. I also find it energizing.

    Drink lot's of water! It's good for your body and makes you leave your desk several times a day. By looking away from the screen or desk space you come back with a more fresh perspective. It also makes you move around a bit.

    Get inspired. I'm inspired by whats around me. I love to travel but it's expensive. So I take walks and go to local museums. Pinterest and Instagram is also a great tool but can suck away time without you noticing! It's important to analyze your findings. What did you like and why? What didn't you like and why would others? What technques would you like to try? Then try it!

    Learn new things. These don't even have too be related to your craft. Just as long as you are constantly seeking to learn something new. If this becomes a habit then it will serve you greatly.

    I hope that will help answer your question!
    Nikky Starrett


Nikky, thanks for that. We often forget to take care of ourselves in the heat of the action. I'm curious to know your suggestions for classic music as I'm intrigued by your mentioning no voice. What do you put on?

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