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    Muhammad Shafique replied 31st Dec '15:

    History is fundamentally a collective record of memory of human experiences which is understood in different formats. Connected with the ideas of continuity, change, progress, development, evolution, rise and fall through the medium of Time and space for human race, the concept of history has a number of problems such as limitations of human memory, limitations of recording the experiences of mankind and than interpretation of past in the interpreters' contemporary time and space. Simultaneously, linking the use of history with the interest base justification of past makes it more complicated.
    Understanding History as a bundle reflects a sort of singular justified interpretation of past on the bases of some defined interest neglecting or curbing what so ever is available in parallel, alternate, simultaneous or what one can say the idea of plurality. this linear approach develops a sort of ideologies, and looks towards the past as an ideal and neglect what we have achieved in the form of the idea of progressed and evolution. This sort of mentality develops a sort of stagnation and devoid nations of a future vision without which the nations and societies can not survive altogether.

    Linking history with time line line in multiple way basically creates a unity and harmony between past, present and future. This is the relation which establishes relations between priory and posterity, between origin and outcome and between cause and effect, some fundamental tools developed to make the idea of progress by human race functional and the foundation of analytical functionality of human knowledge. The height of human progress of knowledge is evaluated in terms of the development of analytical skills which is possible only through the idea of time base history. Further, the worth of history can not be understood in a collective format as it will reflect nothing but stagnation out of time.
    This idea can strengthen in some way the concepts of Historical determinism rather divine determinism in pantheistic terms but minimize or what one can say de-functionalize the role of human race in History, just as culprits in the hands of Divine will. However, the idea can strengthen the role of so called class of theologians as interpreters of Divine will.


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