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    Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili

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    • Director- Media & Communications at Wamar International, LLC

    Dana Khalili replied 23rd Dec '15:

    As Heraclitus once said, "The only thing that is constant is change," and this especially true in the behaviors of human beings. Behavioral changes occur among generations depending on their shifting modes of technology and innovation. In today's generation, the boom of capitalism after the industrial age inevitably created a selfish society of individuals who are taught to become consumers before they are taught to be humane. I hope that in future generations, the selfishness that has been deeply rooted in our minds fades away and that individuals and societies become more harmonious between themselves and with the Earth they live in.
    Global warming, wasted resources, overmedication, pollution, and world hunger are just a few examples of the world's current state of selfishness. We have been careless with the earth by polluting it, we have been obsessed with the attainment of oil for the sake of money, and we even go so far as to waste valuable resources in order to create competition in the corporate world. All the while, the earth is deteriorating as a product of our greed, and there are even still people dying in impoverished countries from hunger.

    In future generations, I believe we will become more humane about production and manufacturing. I think there will be a shift to herbal medicines and natural healing. We will be forced to be more meticulous about caring for the earth, which will result in the emergence of a new, more aware and more humane generation of people.


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