• Dana Khalili
    Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili

    • Jordan
    • Philosophy
    • Director- Media & Communications at Wamar International, LLC

    Dana Khalili replied 27th Dec '15:

    Diminishing relevance is a natural aspect of life. With time, things change and people grow, and as a result of this their priorities and feelings are bound to grow and change. When one is young, their priorities are to learn and gain a commendable reputation that will help them lead the life they hope to have in the future. A young individual will hope to get married based on their values and beliefs, and to find someone whose values reflect their own. They hope to fit into society, to excel and prosper in the areas of life that are relevant to their lifestyle. With age, though, one's 'reputation' begins to have diminishing relevance as they begin to become more self-aware and thus rely less on the social acceptance of others. Diminishing relevance is a natural aspect of life, and I believe one that will linger and transform alongside the inevitable changes of time.


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