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    Diane Foisy replied 9th Sep '15:

    I passionately love doing my art form. The geometric forms are letters. I am a professional calligrapher and provide a service doing any lettering style and in any language. I am extremely busy providing hand done calligraphy services. Studied fine arts, but they never taught us calligraphy, so I taught myself. Lettering has always been my passion!!! With over 35 years of practice, I have developed my calligraphy over the years. In today's world of technology, the demand for the hand done work is very high. Anyone can whip any visual presentation with the use of fonts on a computer, but it is the art form of hand done calligraphy that makes the presentation very special. The recipient can feel the energy behind the hand written words, and is always well received. There is some magic that takes place, when one sees their name beautifully written! To keep this art form alive, I also teach. I have also published a book "on how to do calligraphy" that comes complete with a calligraphy pen set, ink, gauche paints as a kit.
    I welcome your response or feedback on what you think of calligraphy in today's world of technology?


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