• Antonio Manlio Nieto
    Antonio Manlio Nieto

    Antonio Manlio Nieto

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    Antonio Manlio Nieto replied 27th Jun '16:

    Of course ! Japanese culture Is the summit of refinement .. Silent and hidden luxury



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    KATHERINE MONK replied 3rd Aug '15:

    I think Japan has shown the world what you can achieve as a small nation with limited resources when you work together to solve problems and act as a whole, instead of as separate and competing parts.
    This means Japan also has a hierarchy and a sense of deep tradition which translates as conservative, potentially sexist, and in many ways, xenophobic.
    But many western cultures would like to emulate this model because it appears to be financially beneficial, and imbued with all the romantic trappings of the warrior code: honour, family, loyalty to a leader and self-sacrifice for the greater power.
    The other thing Japan has shown the rest of the world is how to live with less: less space, in particular. The minimalist aesthetic is in large part inspired by Japanese design principles, and the whole notion of 'zen.'
    From efficient automobile manufacturing to over-packaged candy products, Japan has shown the world how to keep things small and tidy.
    Then, there is the whole Manga thing... which seems to fetishize school girls and seems totally geared to pedophiles, but discrimination and predation isn't unique to Japan. It just proves that Japanese culture is as male dominated as every western power, and still has a long way to go before becoming a model to any nation.

  • John Newton
    John Newton

    John Newton

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    John Newton replied 20th Jul '15:

    I love their tiny little trees.


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