• Shaibu Husseini
    Shaibu Husseini

    Shaibu Husseini

    • Nigeria
    • Celebrity Journalism

    Shaibu Husseini replied 6th Jun '15:

    I think there is a merit in the policy if only to check abuse of freedom of expression. I am not an advocate for 'censorship' but i am strongly in support of any effort aimed at ensuring that those who report news on social media do so with a high level and sense of responsibility and respect for the rights of other people. They must apply the basic principles of Journalism practice including the need to be objective, accurate and not sensationalize for the sake of drawing followers to your site or blog.

  • Kazi Mahmood
    Kazi Mahmood

    Kazi Mahmood

    • Malaysia
    • Business & Finance Journalism

    Kazi Mahmood replied 24th May '15:

    There are no merits at all, though in some countries, it is still the might of controlled media that continues to dominate and influence public opinion.
    In a country like Malaysia, where I live, and where the controlled media has lost a large share of its relevance, it is the credibility of the online portals that is the focus.
    The country is slowly moving into digital media, and the success of this move will depend entirely on the people's response to the various media outlets.
    Going back to blocking political websites and so on in this day and age, is totally irrelevant as the content from these portals or blogs are readily available on various other websites, and on social media.
    It is high time for the regimes that are imposing such controls to come clean and stop being mean!


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