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    Dennis Bowen replied 20th Aug '15:

    For the person, there is the shame of presenting an overweight image to those around. The person feels like a failure (it isn't that hard to lose weight; what's wrong with me?). The person has to cope with a society designed for people who are not obese - this includes transport, facilites, clothing as examples.

    The cost to the immediate family is also shame and disappointment. The family members may feel sorry for thier member who must endure the shame,the low self esteem, and the barriers in society. Also the immediate family may have to bear some of the costs, especially costs of health care associated with obesity. and, the obese have lower lifespans, meaning the family of an obese person is likely to lose that family member earlier in life.

    the cost to society can be quantified. I had a general practitioner physician. We talked about the nationwide healthcare proposals. He said, "If I was setting health utilization criteria, I would chose only two factors, height and weight." Utilizing this approach could reduce the costs to society of the health problems associated with obesity.


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