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    Ian Lewis replied 11th Jun '15:

    Adventurous cooking, according to the values of Campaign for Adventure, sees any change from a norm as exciting, innovative, inspiring and an opportunity to expand experience and thus life. So we are talking new foods, flavours, people, places, methods and menues - as a start!

    My garden has four cooking fires - small (table-top), medium (barrel stove), large (sit-around) and an outdoor oven. My house has a normal oven and a bread-maker both which I use adventurously.

    Christmas 2014 saw me cook Christmas dinner on the large fire - a community effort with friends and last week a new group of people enjoyed helping cook a whole salmon (6KG) in paper and foil. I just enjoyed a breakfast of chilli and tomato bread with melted cheese and tonight we will stack pans four high to steam fish, vegetables and hot spiced bread.

    Many herbs and spices offer adventure - from finding them to using in inovastive ways, as does creative use of ingredients, untensils, situation and menu.

    So, whether high on a mountain, in a camp-site, on a beach, in a glacier, creating a community or school adventure event or just sitting on a garden seat, the aim is to be doing something in a way and with things, others and a purpose new to yourself and/or others. Add to this that something has the nutrients you need right for your activity, using what you find or have brought with you and you will have the fun and healthy food to keep you searching for more.

    Ian Lewis Campaign for Adventure


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