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    Leslie Marshall replied 5th Nov '14:

    Yes I would support it, and would love to be a part of it.
    I would ask:
    (and want you to know, I am married to a man who was raised in a Muslim family; I am familiar w Islam, have lived in both the Middle East & Pakistan)

    1) Why do you want Sharia law in countries that aren't Muslim?
    2) Would you stop the beheadings if the Western World left the Muslim countries?
    3) Do you believe in people's ability to vote?
    4) If so, then what about the Muslim nations that do not want Sharia law imposed? Or, may not want it imposed by you/your organization/your militia?
    5) Do you care that you are causing great harm to the fastest growing religion in the world with the murders that you are committing?
    6) If I believe strongly that you are hurting my way of thinking, way of life; would you support my beheading your mother? father? children?
    7) Do you believe that forcing a woman into marriage and having sex with her against her will is rape?
    8) The Quran clearly states, and specifically the Prophet Mohammed that you are not to force religion on others; specficially Islam- that is why people 'embrace' Islam, they do not convert. If he were alive today, what do you think the Prophet would say about your actions?
    9) Don't you feel you would gain more followers without violence and force, and do as Hamas and get the people to embrace you, and then they would elect you into a position/place of power?
    10) What were you doing before this? were you employed? Did you have money? power? If you had, would you still have joined this cause??


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