• Naveed Ahmad
    Naveed Ahmad

    Naveed Ahmad

    • Pakistan
    • Investigative Journalism
    • The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

    Naveed Ahmad replied 28th Aug '14:

    Journalists do matter as persons when they write or air any news. A journalist's personal credibility definitely impacts the news he/she is bringing to the world. The slant or tilt can easily be traced by slightly scratching the surface and looking at the archives of the reporter. However, today's cut-throat competition has sucked journalists in the trend of opinionating news-writing and news reporting. Highly glamorized TV journalism has been partly responsible for journalists trying to become the focus of attention.

  • Tinashe Venge
    Tinashe Venge

    Tinashe Venge

    • South Africa
    • Celebrity Journalism
    • ZAlebs

    Tinashe Venge replied 28th Aug '14:

    Newsmakers shouldn't be the focus of attention; news should be the focus of attention. If it's brought to us by "News Makers" or "Experts" doesn't make a difference as long as the content is relevant, accurate and informative.


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