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    Heather Step replied 30th May '15:

    I think it is. It's a bit difficult to isolate my "culture", as a White English speaking South African, there isn't a set identity somehow, especially on this. Most people are just expected to marry and have kids, it's the unspoken norm.

    But on the other hand there is acceptance for people who live different kinds of lives, especially if you explain yourselves e.g. we weren't able to have kids.

    I don't really know any couples who have chosen not to have kids, as a blogger in the infertility community I am more aware of the many that want to have them but can't.


I believe it is a taboo in my culture too. I am Jordanian. The minute a couple gets married the question of "when" are the children coming seems to be everyone's concern.
On some level I think it is because my culture regards family highly and family means children in this part of the world- not to forget the extended family.
We are yet to change this view and accept that two people can choose to be together, to love each other and not need to strengthen their bond through having children.

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