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    Lee Harris replied 6th Aug '14:


    I will answer this as simple as I can.
    I do like crossFit as a form of fitness training.

    Realistic about it helping sports athletes, yes or no depending on the sport. I am a boxing coach, in boxing we have used cross training for many years.
    Weights, skipping, flipping tires, chopping trees, pulling wagons... whatever we can use for the conditioning we use.. Step aerobics and spinning was once a fitness fad and I view crossFit along those same lines.

    An overweight guy in America, that has never trained, has just created a way to make allot of money. And allot of money he is making..
    Don't get me wrong fitness is fitness and for none competitive people this is a good way to train.

    Also for a retired boxer I can also enjoy this kind of training. Lifting to much heavy weights makes and athlete stiff in the body if overdone. as you probably know. A sportsperson is well advised to employ as good conditioning coach, but you can't say CrossFit ticks all those boxes for every sportsperson.

    All the coaches I have meet in the CrossFit environment have been very Professional and well schooled in the trainers aspect.

    This is something I have not seen in other fitness environments. I am not against CrossFit. It’s got a great training environment for people to get excited about this kind of training.


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