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  • Dina Dabbas Rifai

    Dina Dabbas Rifai replied 26th Oct '16:

    Isn't it time the world put some controls on social media ? Social media has blurred the lines between genuine behavior and attention-seeking publicity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the celebrity/fashion world, where age groups have been unhealthily blended, making it acceptable for a 10 year old girl to follow Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian on Instagram, and confusing her into believing that this behavior is normal... Other than watching your teen like a hawk, how can we protect our next generations from these dangerous influences ?
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  • Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili asked in Design 8th Jun '16:

    A lot has been said about the differences between fashion and style – but which one is more significant and distinctive when it comes to making a statement? Why?

    Suhad Shtayyeh replied 25th Jun '16:

    The multi-million dollar question... The way I see it, fashion is a tool which helps you create your own personal style. The magic of style is created when your fashion choices suit your personality and your figure. These choices develop your personal style.

    An interesting analogy is perfume, where perfume is fashion and scent is style.

    Not every perfume suits everyone, regardless of whether or not they love the scent... Good style is created when the perfume suits the individual creating a fabulous scent.

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