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  • asked in Social Sciences 25th Apr '16:

    How would you compare the mind set of a person belonging to a small nation, as opposed to a person belonging to a large nation?.

    Dawood Mamoon replied 5th May '16:

    A nation can be large as an area versus population. Since lives matter I consider area by population to be more appropriate for answer. As an Economist I would like to test this question in light of the nations social, political and economic characteristics to read the mind set of an average person. Countries with high population density on average is low on literacy, poor in rule of law, poor in business competitiveness to name the few varaibles in larger prism. Thus I believe that mind set of a person would develop where he would define his/her behavior on uncertainty and lack of security. Trust factor towards larger social groups would be low. That can be addressed by education, delivery of social and political rights and better economic management.

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