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  • asked in Environment 6th Sep '17:

    Is there a consensus on the issue of plastics in our environment and oceans?. What is your advice on the matter?.

    Anneka Svenska replied 6th Sep '17:

    Everyone can see how plastic is affecting our environment, oceans and animals with about 8 million tonnes entering our oceans every year. Much of our oceans are filled with micoplastic fragments, which we can't see, but are floating around, nevertheless, in our once plastic-free oceans. Birds and sea life are ingesting plastic at an alarming rate causing high mortality rates. Every 11 years, the amount of plastic produced doubles so we are on track for global catastrophe if we don't sort this out fast.

    To out it bluntly - plastic is not sustainable.

    Suggestions include:
    Changing packaging to plant based alternatives - fully biodegradable plastics.
    Make plastic expensive - charge companies money when they produce in plastic.
    Make all plastic recyclable.
    Reduce general production plastic.
    Strategies to reduce littering.
    Campaigns to discourage people from using disposable plastics.

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