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  • asked in Humanities 21st Mar '16:

    The legal system in some countries has matured to protect the civil rights of the gay communities. Which other aspects of society do you believe the law has to update it self in?.

    Jillana Enteen replied 21st Mar '16:

    First, legislation still needs to protect all genders and sexualities--on a spectrum. While New York City legislation has been proposed that would require gender neutral bathrooms in private businesses, there is little legislation. Thailand may end up on the forefront if it puts this in it's proposed draft constitution. Legal systems in all countries should have legislation to protects trans people and gender non-conforming people.
    Second, the legal system in the US still needs to examine the systemic racism. The US now sees the terrible brutality based on racial profiling of police. Legislation protecting the rights of black people must be updated immediately. All citizens are not equal in the eyes of law enforcement.

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