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  • Salma Khadra Jayyusi

    Salma Khadra Jayyusi asked in Humanities 24th Feb '16:

    Poetry remains the language of the heart. Is it the most spontaneous of all verbal arts?, what does poetry mean to you please?.

    Chrysanthi Koutsiviti replied 26th Feb '16:

    Poetry develops its own language and each poet creates its own poetic universe. But I would not say that poetry is spontaneous. Many poets work on their poems even years before they publish them; and not to mention poetic compositions, that is poetic collections that consist aim think and whole and poems serve a broader vision of the poet. So, poetry is a making. Worthy poetry as every kind of art provokes the reader and makes him/her think; reminds him/her of feelings and inner situations; at the same time the reader enjoys the aesthetic of a poem: atmosphere, language, words.
    What does poetry mean to me?
    I am going to use the words of a great Greek female poet, Kiki Dimoula: ''You walk in a desert. You hear a bird singing. Incredible as it may be that a bird should be hovering over the desert, you have to make a tree for it. That's what a poem is.'' For me poetry is the tree in the desert; a precious shelter for mind and soul.

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