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  • asked in Media 2nd Feb '16:

    7 out of the top 10 films in China, where a local Chinese production. Do you believe the international film market has the ability and or the desire to understand the Chinese film audience, and cater to what attracts them?.

    Evangelo Costadimas replied 15th Feb '16:

    The international film market, sooner or later has to cater to Chinese film audiences. In fact it is already happening and Hollywood studios are now making films in China. It is just too big a market to ignore. Unfortunately, the big Hollywood studios are now only interested in making block buster films that are all special effects and action with little substance. It remains to be seen if they will continue on this trajectory and try to hook Chinese audiences or will they eventually realise this is a self-destructing goal and learn from European and Chinese films, let's hope for a change in direction.

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