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  • asked in Arts 31st Dec '15:

    In your opinion, which has had greater influence on the other, Feminism or Art?.

    Niam Itani replied 21st Jan '16:

    In my opinion, Feminism as a movement has had a greater influence on Art.

    The main reason would be, in this case, that art has almost existed since the beginning of time, while Feminism as a movement is less ancient.

    Moreover, the influence of Feminism on Art is still a work in progress and will continue to be so for quiet some time, I believe. This influence ranges from conceptual influence on works of art to the practice of art itself and using it for "Feminist Propaganda".

    On the other hand, art has affected and also continues to affect the way Feminism is viewed and dealt with - whether it is the romanticism or the extremism that feminism and the feminist movement are portrayed in. It has allowed for the creation of certain characters, images, themes, dialogues, and representations and, in some cases, made this presence almost a necessity for works of art.

    While at this point in time, Art & Feminism both influence each other, it is likely that Feminism has had a greater influence on art than the other way around.

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