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  • asked in Arts 16th Dec '15:

    Do you agree, that if film producers and cinemas do not return to "real films and film making", as opposed to digitized experiences; customer attendance is expected to fall?.

    Hweiling Ow replied 22nd Dec '15:

    Nope. People like to be entertained. Whether its an hour of cats being silly or dogs doing dumb stuff - people will watch it. As long as there arent too many flaws in the story telling - people will go to the movies.

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  • Dana Khalili

    Dana Khalili asked in Arts 22nd Dec '15:

    It is often said that creativity and intuitiveness in art can never produce mistakes. With that said, sometimes people view different artistic expressions as flawed. What would you say are some of the most common mistakes made by up and coming theatre producers?

    Hweiling Ow replied 22nd Dec '15:

    What kind of theatre producer are you asking about? Is it the one that oversees and raise the money or the one that makes sure a show is up on its feet?

    Most up and coming theatre producers would be creating and making a show from scratch. It is a huge collaboration between many creatives. My understanding for a theatre producer at this level is that they are there to see that the logistics of the production are taken care of so that the director and creatives are able to do their jobs. They are also responsible with marketing the show and getting patrons through the doors. The first and most important thing an up and coming producer needs to answer to themselves is whether they whole heartedly believe in a project. Alot of work love blood sweat and tears will be going into it, and if you see the project as a stepping stone, it would lose its heart, and would not reach its full potential as the show is intended to be.

    Alot of issues that arise can come from not creating the right team - therefore, finding the right people would be one of the important aspects I would take seriously. Its about friendship, but its also about people who see the same vision as you do. People who has initiative and can problem solve on the floor. That would solve alot of issues before it even starts.

    Never gossip. You're in charge and creating the culture for the show. If you start gossiping/bitching - it will continue in the whole show. Create the environment you wish to have - and everyone will follow.

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