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  • Ahmad Y Majdoubeh

    Ahmad Y Majdoubeh asked in Humanities 24th Nov '15:

    What is meant by Islamophobia? Why has it surfaced in the past two decades more so than before? How much is caused by the rise of political and militarist Islam in the Arab and Muslim worlds, as well as in the West; or do you believe the origins of the phobia go beyond?

    Johannes Nugroho replied 21st Dec '15:

    I think the rise of Muslim extremists had a lot to do with the more aggressive foreign policies pursued by right-wing US governments started by Ronald Reagan in 1980s. The numerous interventions by the US across the globe drove many Muslim countries to feel that they had been treated unjustly by the West. This was a great departure from the admiration the West elicited from the Islamic world from 1900s to the 1940s.

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