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  • asked in Families 8th Aug '18:

    How important is it to highlight the down side of living a materialistic life style?. What points should be highlighted?.

    Jan Cavelle replied 9th Aug '18:

    I believe it to be a question of balance (as so often is the case).

    Of course material things do not bring inner peace and satisfaction. People often need to find that out for themselves though.

    Equally, we are sometimes in danger of playing down the up-side of making money, to the detriment of our businesses, a healthy economy and - most ironically - our ability to help others. Those who have a talent for making money should not feel it is some sort of sin, which is now only too often society's conditioning. Making money is not evil - what you do with it can be. But alternately, if you have that ability, you also have the ability to make more to help others, be it through employment, taxes etc., or by donations and funding. Either way, we need those able to make money to invest their skills towards society's good and not have that frowned on

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