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  • asked in Humanities 10th Nov '16:

    How has the war on terror changed us?.

    Salahuddin Haider replied 23rd Nov '16:

    drastically but for worse. religious fanaticism has gripped the country and the society. enlightened moderation is finished for all practical purposes. radicalization is bad for the country which is paying prices in form of intolerance and ill mannerism. mullah( priests and so called saints) of modern days now interpret every thing in terms of quran and hadith which is sayings of holy prophet moammad (pbuh), but in a deshapred and deformed way. practical and original spirit of islam has vanished in thin air, and crime is now order of the day. that is the gift of radicalization and religious extremism
    thanks salahuddin haider, Karachi

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  • asked in Media 5th Oct '16:

    Is the relationship between the USA and China, a marriage of convenience?.

    Salahuddin Haider replied 12th Oct '16:

    China is a mighty nation now, not only Asia's but world leader. THe Chinese president's meeting with Obama is no more news. America and the west now needs china because of its sheer size, population and a mammoth market. USA is in debt of three trillion dollars to Beijing, not a joke, shows China's power.
    We in Pakistan take a legitimate pride for China being on our side---all-weather partner and the two countries--Pakistan and China are now "iron brothers".
    USA and the West can no longer ignore china,. In fact they need Chinese help and assistance on almost every major issue of the world.
    regards salahuddin haider,
    coloumnisy, tv anlyst
    Karachi, Pakistan

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