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  • asked in Families 5th Oct '15:

    It seems that Children have become very good at meeting School demands?. Should we suffice there?. What should we be teaching our children in addition?.

    Sunaina Vohra replied 7th Oct '15:

    Firstly you are absolutely right in noticing the number of children who are excelling in schools. You hear more and more children who are gifted and talented. Percentage success rates are up. Achievements are up.

    However, there are children who are not excelling also, its just we don't tend to hear about them so much.

    Recently a very worried mother of a teenager came to me saying that her son scores brilliantly academically without studying but she is worried about his future. He lacked internal drive and motivation. Was lazy and lethargic. Had no inclination to stretch himself beyond his comfort zone. Was addicted to his mobile and internet games.

    The negative impacts of the above can be categorised into three broad areas:
    1) Physical: obesity and other related physical disorders.
    2) Emotional: Going forward seeing life as a 'floating' ground any challenges will knock the wind out of him. By not trying anything new he would not be able to develop resilience skills.
    3) Relationships: his relationships at home were definitely impacted plus his social skills were also not being developed as he had no desire to go out and was spending more time online. He did not help out at home and was becoming more and more isolated.

    The above list is longer but for the purposes of this question, being academically excellent due to being super intelligent is a great plus to have. But its is NOT the only thing that will make you successful. The list of skills above are needed to go to university and then corporate life. So the ingredients of success vary person to person but academic success is not enough to be successful in today's world.
    This young teenager is going to learn it the hard way.

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