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  • asked in Executive Management 16th Jun '15:

    Do Corporations have the right to impose religious beliefs on employees?. Shouldn't Companies stay away from such interference?. Where would you draw the line, if at all?.

    RICARDO CUSH MCKENZIE replied 17th Sep '15:

    I can hardly imagine a respectable company that imposes its religious views on its employees. Such action would be counter productive and impinge upon the rights and freedom of the employees.

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  • asked in Social Sciences 16th Sep '15:

    The five most dangerous cities are in Mexico, Honduras, and Venezuela. At what point would you declare those countries as failed states, due to their high crime rates?. Or, you do not believe the term is applicable?

    RICARDO CUSH MCKENZIE replied 16th Sep '15:

    The point in which you declare a nation as a failed state logically must begins at the point when all or most of its social and national institutions have failed, not failing. I refer to institution such as its national defense systems, its education systems, health systems etc.
    All three countries mentioned have functional institutions: Honduras and Mexico continue to have exciting tourism products and Venezuela is making meaningful contributions to the region. We can look at its oil deals with Jamaica and the many economic partnership with Cuba.

    Crime is just one social problem. Even though it has a immediate frightening effect and so often overshadows progress in other areas, it does not accurately represent the overall performance of a state.

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