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  • asked in Social Sciences 29th Jul '18:

    Why is it wrong to ask people about their personal beliefs?.

    Arto Laitinen replied 13th Aug '18:

    Asking about personal beliefs is often just fine, and people may appreciate being asked, and may be eager to share their views. Respect for privacy and considerateness suggest that in some contexts one should not publicly pry other's personal convictions. If done respectfully however, there may be nothing wrong about asking people about their personal beliefs. In some roles, jobs, and offices, personal beliefs should not count, but one should act in line with the role-expectations. The wrongness of asking depends then on many things: how it is done, will the information be used for some unacceptable purpose, what the context is etc,.

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  • Arto Laitinen

    Arto Laitinen asked in Humanities 23rd Feb '17:

    Why do we want to say swearwords aloud, as they are just words?
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