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  • asked in Performing Arts 30th Aug '15:

    British playwright William Archer (1856-1924) said, "Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty". Please share your favorite Drama?. Is there a lesson to learn from it?.

    Bernice Maune replied 18th Sep '15:

    The first drama to catch my eye with its intelligent dialogue and intriguing plot was Macbeth by Shakespeare. I was in awe of how Shakespeare could mold each character, creating an individual so unique, dimensional and yet so relatable to the audience. The lesson I got from that drama is that everyone has an innate sense of ambition to which they aspire to. Mingled with a hunger for power, that ambition has the potential to either be good or ludicrously evil. It makes me think of that saying 'Every man has his price'. Also the potential for human greed is intense, given the opportunity how would one respond to an offer packaged impressively yet requiring one to make a sacrifice - either material or intangible? For me Shakespeare has always been a master at chronicling the human character.

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