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  • asked in Arts 1st Sep '15:

    How do you know when an art work is finished? Is it discipline that makes you stop?.

    Moose replied 12th Jan '16:

    I've never regarded myself as an artist in conventional terms, the art for me is in the process of creating something from nothing, and that nothing becomes something. Dirt had no value then it's employed by my clean designs to even become a commodity. Over the years I've learned when a piece was finished by realising that I'd overdone something. That perfect moment when you do that last thing to finish a piece comes to me more now but it's not guaranteed. The discipline grows with the bad experience of the feeling that you'd begun to wreck something that you'd spent a long time on. You become more and more critical of each move as you get closer to the what you regard as the "end" of a piece.

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