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  • asked in Personal Wellness 9th Aug '16:

    The Chinese, define friendship as lifelong friends who feel deeply obligated towards each other. What defines a friend to you?.

    Peter Makwanya replied 21st Aug '16:

    In my view friendship is natural, mutual, equal and reciprocal in nature. It should not be based on the master-servant scenario, it must not be based on servitude but personal sacrifices for each other, commitment, fairness and stewardship. Friendship should be an all weather scenario where somebody should not bring you an umbrella when it is hot only to withdraw it when it rains. Friends stand for each other, always, but it should be emphasized that it should be in truth not for unscrupulous things as god will always be watching, not forgetting the society in which we live. Ethical considerations in the form of the universal oughts need to be upheld as they define whom we are, our character, personalities and what we stand for.

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