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  • Maninder Kohli

    Maninder Kohli asked in Outdoors 6th Apr '15:

    While trekking or climbing in the Himalaya you are bound to pass through some remote mountain villages. People in these parts live a simple life and have limited needs which they are able to fulfill through resources available to them. One area which is of concern is how do they cook. They use an open fire which uses up a lot of firewood, the process is time consuming and in the process of cooking lots of harmful smoke is emitted which is a health issue. A solution is required to assist them.

    Ian Lewis replied 11th Jun '15:

    This observation questions how these people might improve their lives through different cooking systems, skills and opportunities. Access to alternatives is blocked by - a lack of knowledge, a lack of cash or by a lack of alternative resources all of which will be influenced, probably negatively through culture issues.

    So solutions include: not travelling to such areas without some quality equipment, some willingness and scheduled time to help, some donation system which is well managed, ensuring no support is given to inappropriate cultural happenings and ensuring on walks one's talk by exhibiting low-carbon, sustainable, low cost methods of travel. If one is the change, then change must be happening. There are many forms of low-impact stove which can be made from water and mud on must know a few versions if one wishes to travel freely in these areas, otherwise travellers will merely aggravate the status quo.

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  • asked in Hospitality & Travel 11th Jun '15:

    Adventurous cooking, is becoming more appealing to many people, breaking away from day to day foods. According to you, what would "adventurous cooking" entail please?.

    Ian Lewis replied 11th Jun '15:

    Adventurous cooking, according to the values of Campaign for Adventure, sees any change from a norm as exciting, innovative, inspiring and an opportunity to expand experience and thus life. So we are talking new foods, flavours, people, places, methods and menues - as a start!

    My garden has four cooking fires - small (table-top), medium (barrel stove), large (sit-around) and an outdoor oven. My house has a normal oven and a bread-maker both which I use adventurously.

    Christmas 2014 saw me cook Christmas dinner on the large fire - a community effort with friends and last week a new group of people enjoyed helping cook a whole salmon (6KG) in paper and foil. I just enjoyed a breakfast of chilli and tomato bread with melted cheese and tonight we will stack pans four high to steam fish, vegetables and hot spiced bread.

    Many herbs and spices offer adventure - from finding them to using in inovastive ways, as does creative use of ingredients, untensils, situation and menu.

    So, whether high on a mountain, in a camp-site, on a beach, in a glacier, creating a community or school adventure event or just sitting on a garden seat, the aim is to be doing something in a way and with things, others and a purpose new to yourself and/or others. Add to this that something has the nutrients you need right for your activity, using what you find or have brought with you and you will have the fun and healthy food to keep you searching for more.

    Ian Lewis Campaign for Adventure

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  • asked in Executive Management 19th May '15:

    What recommendations based on experience, do you have, to promote 'employee" self esteem on the job?.

    Ian Lewis replied 11th Jun '15:

    Always seeing - because you believe in - the total possibility in people. Seeing everyone as you want to see them as well as how they wish themselves to be seen. It is the relentless seeing of the possibility in people that keeps them and you open to possibilities - gaining skills, understandings, knowledge, creativity...and success, both theirs and yours.

    Esteem is the greatest motivator. The higher the esteem the greater the character, personaility, persistence, resiliance, initiative, crerativity, courage, confidence, self-leadership...and learning potential.

    Seeing means seeing - treat tham as you wish they were and they will be. And, old but gold, always ensure opportunities which challenge, make a meaningful difference and provide self-improvement experiences.

    You should find this all builds your leadership and following.
    Ian Lewis

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